How much does a small business owner need to know about web work?

As much as possible.

Yeah, that’s easy to say and harder to make into a reality. It’s also important to think about what “as much as possible” really means.

If you are a small business owner who does landscaping, and you actually do the landscaping yourself, you simply aren’t going to have time to work a bunch of yards and know everything you might want or need to know about every aspect of web work. In fact, you probably would fail pretty quick in the landscaping business if you only did one job a week because you spent all your time on Twitter.

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A website and some business cards

Here’s a good list of the initial media needs of a small business:

1) A website
2) Some business cards

It can’t be that simple can it? Maybe.  You’ll probably want to do more later, but the list above is a good way to start, and getting started is a big deal.

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How to start an honest client/designer relationship with a web professional in one conversation

Honesty. If I had to use one word to describe the key to a good working relationship between a client and a web designer, that would be it.

I’m sure that sounds all touchy feely, and probably kind of cheesy for a business relationship. After all, you’re building a website together, not becoming blood brothers, right?

Maybe so, but if you can’t tell each other what you really think about the work you’re doing, that website stands very little chance of meeting your expectations or accomplishing your goals.

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